Who We Are

Finding Inspiration During Every Iteration 

Black-owned indie gaming company building communities by empowering people on their own terms and to their own abilities. We design games as a way of building communities from physical card games to digital experiences

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Our Story

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In the Beginning... 

We began Gameflo wanting to increase access to essential skills in technology and bridge the digital divide, with a focus on minority populations. We knew that games were the perfect medium to do this and set off to figure out how we could combine our mission with the best possible products. What we soon discovered was that people, especially kids, don’t want to feel like they are learning. They just want to play really cool games. So we decided to build games.

...Where We Are Going...

Since then, Chi and Ian have expanded their team to include trusted advisors and welcomed Syeeda to join them on their journey. As a result, they have produced their first game PickUp set to drop in Spring 2021. 

...And Beyond!

But PickUp is nowhere near the one and only. The team’s passion for bringing compelling gaming to tabletops will continue to do so, as well as explore digital possibilities. Subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram @_gameflo to join on this incredible journey.

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Meet The Team