The basketball deck-building game.

PickUp is quick to learn
and tough to master.

Draft and build your roster from a league of 40 unique ballers, including floor generals that make their teammates better, and lockdown defenders to neutralize your opponent. Pick your shots and compete in a strategic 3-on-3 match.

Build Your Squad

Build your squad by trading for legendary streetball players from around the basketball world with unique special abiities.

Set Your Matchups

Create mismatches and scoring opportunities based on players' offensive, defensive and efficiency ratings to win.

Get Buckets

Roll the dice and score based on your player’s scoring efficiency and special abilities.

About this project

PickUp began as a way to combine our love of basketball and card games. We've spent the past year playtesting and refining the game with various combinations of tabletop game players and basketball fans alike. We're confident that the game will be fun for a wide variety of people and we're ready to share it with the world.

We've used the game in school workshops to help students understand probability and basic statistics through their interest in basketball. We're hoping funds from the game will help us reach out and work with more schools and afterschool programs. Kicksarter is just the first step in our journey