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We are on a mission to provide Data Analytics skills training to students, with a current focus on middle schoolers.


We offer several engaging play-based workshops that were created in collaboration with teaching professionals and tied to Common Core standards for Mathematics. Almost all of the students who have gone through a workshop have expressed that they felt more confident working with data and solving problems. Contact us to learn more!

about us

about images Many traditional learning games are frankly not very entertaining and are glorified quizzes that focus on drilling information and do not engage students. Our products focus more on entertainment and creating meaningful experiences while incorporating learning into game mechanics and strategy.

We believe that students will be more engaged when Data Analytics concepts are presented through the lens of something they intrinsically care about and when learning involves playing games, where they have more autonomy and allowed more creativity.


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We’ve done the workshop with students in various grade levels within the Triangle. Workshop can be done as part of a STEM class or club, afterschool program or summer camp. Contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop!

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306 W Franklin St.
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